fallout 4 companions

Some companions may be Romanced, forming relationships through various gameplay.
  • Preston Garvey.
  • Codsworth.
  • Piper.
  • Nick Valentine.
  • Curie.
  • Deacon. Some companions may be Romanced, forming relationships through various gameplay.Preston GarveyCodsworth. Piper. Nick Valentine. Curie. Deacon. MacCready. Dogmeat.Where can you find the best companions in fallout 4 companion weapons? Here is your essential guide to sidekicks and their locations.Performing actions that companions like will help grow a relationship between you and them. After reaching a certain threshold you will gain a unique perk from game. I realized that none of the companions behave like they are suppose to. Their weapon switching conditions are very irregular.


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Phil the puxatony happy groundhog day 2017

Phil the puxatony happy groundhog day 2017

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Normal SIZE

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